Mangos are in abundance and commonly cultivated in many tropical and subtropical regions. They are prepared in numerous dishes and delightful snacks. One of the most popular ways to utilize mangoes is with homemade fruit roll ups. But you don’t have to live on a tropical island to make these tasty treats. In fact, you can bring the tropics right into your home with mango fruit roll ups.

Homemade fruit roll ups are also healthy snack ideas. They do not have added sugars or unwholesome ingredients with 15 lettered names that you can’t pronounce. As a matter of fact, mango fruit roll ups are rich in potassium, folate, and vitamin C, A, B6 and K. And since mangos contain over 20 different vitamins, many consider them a superfood.

Homemade fruit roll ups are quite easy to create. What is more, you do not need a dehydrator to make them.  All that is needed is an oven and some fresh mangos. That’s it!  So if you have some mangoes and love healthy snack ideas, try this simple fruit roll up recipe. It is the supreme healthy snack for all ages.

Makes 16 fruit roll ups

  • Prep 10 min
  • Bake time 3-4 hours
  • Total time 3-4 hours 10 min


  • 8 cups (about 6 large) ripe mangos, diced

Best Cookware to Use

  • 4 baking sheets
  • Parchment paper or non-stick baking mats
  • Blender or food processor
  • Spatula
  • Waxed paper

Preparation of Mango Fuit Roll ups

  1. Preheat oven to 175ºF (80°C).
  2. Line four rimmed baking sheets with parchment paper or non-stick baking mats.
  3. Using a blender or food processor, purée chopped mangos. If there is not enough room in the blender, puree mangoes in batches. Blend mangoes until smooth.
  4. Divide the mangoes into four equal portions. Spread each portion onto a baking sheet using a spatula. Spread the pureed mangos as flat and uniformly as possible. It should be about 1/8-inch thick.
  5. Bake the puréed mangos for 3 to 4 hours. The fruit roll ups are done baking when it is dry to the touch. The purée should also be pliable. If the fruit roll ups have been baking for a long time and the bottom is still wet, turn them over and continue to bake the fruit roll ups until they are dried completely.
  6. Take the fruit roll ups out of the oven. Put a piece of wax paper on top of the fruit roll ups. Peel off the wax paper and the fruit roll ups together. Cut into long strips. Roll up the strips.
  7. Store the mango fruit roll ups in an air tight container. They should last for up to 1 week.

Extra Notes

Total baking time will depend on the thickness of the fruit roll ups, temperature of the oven and where you live. For instance, dry and arid areas have different baking times compared to humid areas.